Fashion Identity Design, 2023

*Graphis New Talent 2023 Awards: Silver
  WBDS Student Design Awards 2023/24: Bronze
  ADC Young Ones 2023 Shortlist 
  TDC69 Shortlist

Inspired by the enjoyment of daily life, Odena, a fragrance brand, is redefining luxury fragrance by venturing into uncharted sensory territories, merging the worlds of cyberpunk, Sci-fi, and cutting-edge technology. This visionary brand is creating an immersive sensory odyssey that combines AI-generated visuals and personalized emotion-driven customization to take users on a unique journey through scent and visuals.

By challenging conventional perceptions of fragrance and offering a multisensory experience that blurs the lines between reality and imagination, Odena aims to revolutionize the world of olfactory luxury, providing a one-of-a-kind and deeply personal exploration of the senses.
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Challenge: In an industry saturated with homogenized minimalism, Odena emerges as a rebellion against the conventional norms of fragrance marketing. Dissatisfied with the lack of sensuality and evocation in contemporary branding styles, our challenge is to redefine luxury fragrance by infusing it with a unique blend of cyberpunk aesthetics, Sci-fi elements, and cutting-edge technology. Odena aims to break away from the mundane, offering a sensory experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional olfactory luxury. Odena’s solution involves a groundbreaking approach—marrying fragrance with AI-generated visuals to create an unprecedented sensory journey. By leveraging an AI image generator and visually hallucinogenic identity assets, we aim to evoke immersive memories associated with a multitude of senses. This innovative fusion of scent and visuals goes beyond singular perceptions, offering users a truly multidimensional experience that challenges the norms of fragrance marketing.
Odena positions itself as a comprehensive luxury product line encompassing fragrances, scented candles, accessories, and more. This strategic approach ensures that the brand not only transforms the world of olfactory luxury but also extends its influence across various lifestyle elements, providing consumers with a holistic and deeply personal exploration of their senses. Odena, a mystical and nowhere place teeming with sensual fantasies, becomes the cornerstone of our brand’s nomenclature. This name, carefully chosen, invokes a sense of intrigue and connection to the fantastical. Coupled with an association with AI imagery, Odena introduces a sci-fi fragrance collection that transcends the ordinary and beckons users into uncharted territories of scent and imagination. Odena’s visual identity is a testament to its commitment to pushing boundaries. The distinctive typography treatment, replicated across various patterns, mirrors the biological visualization of brain activity triggered by scents. This not only creates visually stunning hallucinogenic swirls but also serves as an experimental film for our audiences. The beauty lies in the fact that it comes with scents, adding an extra layer of narrative to the brand's cybernetic imagery and creating a truly immersive experience. To elevate the fantasy and reach new heights of luxury, Odena explores co-branding opportunities with other prestigious brands. This strategic alliance aims to enhance the brand’s expression, offering consumers a collaborative experience that transcends the ordinary and takes them deeper into the realms of sensory exploration. Through these partnerships, Odena becomes a symbol of unparalleled luxury, breaking free from the constraints of traditional fragrance branding and forging new paths in the world of immersive experiences.