Fashion Identity Design, 2023

 *Graphis New Talent 2023 Awards: Silver
   ADC Young Ones 2023 Shortlist 
   TDC69 Shortlist

Inspired by the enjoyment of daily life, Odena, a fragrance brand, is redefining luxury fragrance by venturing into uncharted sensory territories, merging the worlds of cyberpunk, Sci-fi, and cutting-edge technology. This visionary brand is creating an immersive sensory odyssey that combines AI-generated visuals and personalized emotion-driven customization to take users on a unique journey through scent and visuals.

By challenging conventional perceptions of fragrance and offering a multisensory experience that blurs the lines between reality and imagination, Odena aims to revolutionize the world of olfactory luxury, providing a one-of-a-kind and deeply personal exploration of the senses.

Product line: fragrances, scented candles, leather goods and fashion accessories.
By using this special typography treatment and set it to all different types of patterns, I wanted to mimic the biology visualization of brain activity when human reacts to scents. It also creates hallucinogenic swirls visually. by the sequence design of the cybernetic imagery, I created an experimental film for the audiences, the best part is it comes with scents, which adds another dimension of narrative to the brand. The naming system that associated with AI imagery to assign a sci-fi fragrance collection. Co-branding is a strategy for the brand to tune up the fantasy level. Promoting materials